Hi friends!

Happy Monday! I hope everyone had a great weekend. I most certainly did. My friends and I celebrated my 32nd birthday at one of my favorite restaurants. The theme of the night was “cunty.” I screen-shotted the Urban Dictionary definition just incase you needed clarification on “cunty.”

So I’m turning 32 tomorrow and I wrote this whole essay about my depression and the one thing that kept me going was my love for style and fashion. I was going to explain how “couture saved the girl” was coined but as I kept typing, I didn’t understand where the words were leading me.

I have everything saved in a draft, don’t worry. Maybe one day I’ll be able to share it.

For now, what I want to say is that for a long time, I relied on my love for style as a crutch instead of using it as an accessory to my already flamboyant personality. I’ve wasted so much money on clothes because I thought that if I wore a specific outfit, it would make me feel better about myself and guess what? It didn’t. Recently I got rid of so much clothes – mostly unworn and some with tags on it but bitch, this purge was exactly what I needed. I don’t want to hold onto anything anymore that doesn’t make me happy.

This is the mindset I want to live by now. I haven’t perfected it yet, but it’s a good start. Couture saved the girl for so long, but now it’s time for me to save me.

Thank you all for reading! Thanks for your support! I love you all so much!

~till next time!

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