i’ll have pho with a side of chanel, please!

Hi friends,

Hope you’re doing well! I can’t believe it’s June. We are half-way through this year. Things on my end have been great. I am really shocked at how content I am. Not saying there aren’t any downs, but I’ve been able to handle my emotions lately. Maybe it’s mercury retrograde or maybe it’s me being more emotionally stable, either way I’ll take it.

Okay, so – when I entered corporate America eight years ago, all I wanted to do was look nice at work. The thing was that I also gained a lot of weight. I didn’t know how to look like a yuppie and also, dress for my new body type. On top of that, I was such a broke bitch. Prior to being a professional, I had a funky style. I made-do with whatever I had in my closet. In my humble opinion, I looked super fresh but this didn’t convert over well to my new body and career. I finally figured it out (thank you, J. Crew Factory), but the creative girl that was inside of me was completely lost. Actually, not completely lost because I still loved to shop. That’s one thing that will never change about me. I am a shopper for life. Over the past couple of years, I’ve built a sweet collection of designer (both high-end and low) clothes, bags, and jewelry. Sadly it would all stay hidden in my closet. I didn’t wear anything because I believed in dressing for the occasion.

I have set outfits for certain events and everything is carefully picked out. The organization is nice but I have so many outfits saved because I’m always waiting for the perfect moment.


Why do I have to wait for that day?

Why can’t that day be a casual Tuesday grabbing pho with a friend? I would curate an entire look just to go to Target. Where did that girl go? Instead of dressing for the day, why can’t I dress for myself. These are questions I’ve been asking myself and I can happily say that I’m slowly coming out of my shell.

Some people work to live and some people live to work. I work to shop. Fashion and style has been a hobby of mine since I was a little girl and as wild as this may sound, I always felt like a poser behind my clothes.

The year is 2022 and I’m really trying to put this imposter syndrome behind me. I’m hopeful that I’m finally getting out of this insecure shit-hole! Time is fucking prime, baby!

I really appreciate all of you guys being here. Thank you so much for reading! I love you all so much!

~till next time!


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