RAT race bitch meets her death

Hi everyone!

Happy Friday-eve! I hope everyone had a great day! I’m so excited for the weekend, even though all I’m really doing is homework. Yes, this bitch is going after her undergrad. I’ve finally decided to take school seriously. I’m still deciding what I want to major in, but I have a couple ideas. Anyways yeah, I’ve been super busy. Since May, I’ve been trying to adjust adding full-time worth of classes into my already hectic schedule. I work full-time, volunteer at a non-profit and now, I’m a full-time student. It’s been a balancing act and honestly, I can’t believe I’m getting everything done.

I went from being depressed and not being able to leave my dorm to running around like a chicken with its head cut-off. I still can’t believe I’m doing all of this. For years, I didn’t think I had the motivation, but here I am. Things are going well, but life is a rat race. I knew I was going to burn out if I didn’t hit my internal reset button. I tried by watching all of the Resident Evil movies. They were great, I still felt worn out.

Monday came along and that meant I was going back to my chaotic schedule. I was overwhelmed. So when a coworker came into town for a day and said she wanted to explore D.C., I told her I’d take her out (even though I hesitated).

We started our night in Old Town Alexandria eating Thai food by the water. We walked around the waterfront and then decided to head to the district. I am really bad with directions, so one wrong turn lead us into Arlington. It was fine because she’s never seen Arlington and I got to drive through my old work-hood.

Finally, we were in D.C. We drove through Georgetown and Foggy Bottom until we made it to the monument area. Our first memorial was the Lincoln Memorial, then headed towards the Washington Monument. On the way, we walked through the WWII Memorial. While we were headed towards the Capitol buildings, we found a bunch of electric scooters. We decided to rent the scooters for the rest of our tourist adventure. I was fucking terrified, but I’ve always wanted to try it out. I got on trembling, couldn’t balance myself, but kept going. I finally got used to the scooter and then I realized what had happened. I was going on a midnight stroll with a random coworker (who later became my friend) in the Nation’s Capitol. There were no cars in the street. The wind was blowing in my face. The background I was passing were Italianate-Renaissance-style architecture Federal buildings. I finally had hit my internal reset button.

I came back into work on Wednesday feeling so refreshed. I couldn’t stop smiling about my spontaneous evening. It was so exhilarating. I felt so free and alive.

I know how difficult it is for some of us to get out of our routine, but I really hope while you’re out there chasing your dreams- don’t forget to live in the moment.

Thank you all for reading. I love you all so much!

~till next time!

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