Meeting Internet Sensation: @tinyclosettonsofstyle

Hi friends,

A week ago, I got an e-mail from J. Crew. It was for a shopping party with Jenn Mapp Bressan, better known as  @tinyclosettonsofstyle. So I thought to myself, why not? I’m young, fun, and in need of more adventure.

I kept asking my friends to go, but everyone was “busy.” I, almost, changed my mind, but then one of the homies pulled through. I was good to go. I know how to talk to strangers. I am a networking queen. Being around people is my forte, but it gives me a lot of anxiety.

It was the night before the event. I finally followed Jenn on instagram. I saw that she posted a story about her event and I instantly messaged her and said, “see you tomorrow *heart emoji*.”

I went to bed.  


I woke up, got ready for work, and headed over to my bus stop. Once I got on the bus, I decided to fully stalk @tinyclosettonofstyle. It was finally time for me to figure out who I would be hanging out with. To my surprise, she was so cute and fun. I’m surprised because a lot of fashion/style bloggers are not fun. Their content is dull. Listen, I’m no hater. The people that I’m talking about are very beautiful and stylish, but they are also SUPER BORING. Jenn had a spark about her. She was more than her sexy looks and designer accessories. I was intrigued.

My friend, the one I thought had my back, realized he double booked himself. He texted me immediately and apologized. He couldn’t make it. FUCK. Now I would have to go somewhere all by myself.

I almost wanted to back out, but then Jenn responded to my message and said YAY. I know she had a busy day but she still took the time to respond back to me. That meant a lot. I said, I’m so excited to meet you and she responded back and said I’m excited to meet you! Now, I was even more nervous because if I didn’t go, I would be held accountable. It was finally 5PM. I ran out of my office, and headed to the train station. ALL OF THE TRAINS WERE DELAYED and there was a lady chasing me with a knife. Kidding. There was no lady, but it was very stressful. I don’t like being late.

Right before, I left for work. Northern Virginia experienced a tiny storm. It was raining sideways. I waited, and waited, and waited for my train. It finally arrived. I got off my stop and started walking over to J Crew.


The walk was probably a solid ten minutes and it was a warmer day. I had a long sleeve dress on and a jacket on top of that. I’m, also, a heavy face sweater. I finally arrived and as I’m walking in the store, she looks directly at me, smiles, and says, hello! I walked up to her and we gave each other a big hug. She made me feel so comfortable, even though my face was dripping with sweat.

IMG_4119.jpgWe started talking and it’s was like I’ve known her my whole life. She is such a ball of light. I can’t even pin point exactly what we talked about because we talked about everything (from fashion to political issues in Kashmir to UVa winning the NCAA title). Jenn is well-rounded. I just wanted to stay there and talk to her the whole night. We instantly clicked. I wanted to hog all of her time, but I knew other people were to see her. When they would leave, she would get back to where her and I ended off in our conversation. Jenn is a phenomenal person.

So here’s the thing (I’m about to spill some real tea here, sis), you can either sit back and watch life pass you by or you can grab life by the balls and own it. I can be such a little bitch at times, especially when I’m uncomfortable. I went to the event and left with a pair of New Balances, a great conversation, and a new friend/mentor.

23905660_10156973442264478_4491957366686371781_nJenn is a star. Not only is she beautiful on the outside, she is so beautiful on the inside AND she is so incredibly talented. She’s able to connect to so many different types of people at once. Her minimalistic style, poised/humble attitude and kind heart was such a fresh breath of air. Check out her website. Please follow her on all forms of social media! If you know anyone who is looking for a stylist, Jenn is your gal. She is more than her sexy looks and designer accessories.

Good people are hard to find, and I’m very happy I got to meet Jenn.

Thank you for reading. I love you all so much.

~till next time.

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  1. Robin Eckhart Whittington

    I love your writing style! So fun and fresh….I work with Jenn (my stylist) and she is exactly how you describe her….energetic and a ray of light!

    Liked by 1 person

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