#TBT: The Time I Had to Write an Apology E-mail to a Restaurant/Bar

Happy Throwback Thursday, everyone. For my 23rd birthday, I made all my friends go to this restaurant in Old Town Alexandria. Growing up, my family would go to Old Town a lot and I would always see people outside of this restaurant coming out of what looked like the greatest time of their lives. I made reservations for all of us and realized once I got there that the part of the restaurant I reserved was a family-friendly setting. That, however, didn’t stop me from celebrating my birthday which turned into me writing this email a couple days later. Without further adieu here’s the letter:
Subject: Ashamed Birthday Girl To Whom It May Concern (Primarily the Staff Working the Night of the 17th):

It’s that age ole tale where a young girl turns one year older and faces the harsh reality of consuming too much alcohol in a short period of time. I was confident, unstoppable, and on a mission. You don’t turn twenty-three everyday, and I wanted the full effect. In my mind, “the turnt-up movement” was real. It didn’t occur to me that grabbing that waiter by his shirt to tell him that I wanted more “delicious frickle sauce” was inappropriate because in my mind, the world was revolving around me. And for all that screaming and yelling, I expected everyone at restaurant to understand that I, Shamaila Iqebal, had just turned twenty-three years old and liquor was my best friend.

So basically the point of this e-mail is to apologize to everyone. I am so sorry. It wasn’t one of my finest moment, but it was definitely yours because you guys provided  excellent service given the circumstance. Thank you! My friends and I enjoyed our time at Union Street Public House. I’m sure they will be back. I don’t know about me because as surprising as this may sound, I still have a little bit of pride left. I still don’t know though. My love for that frickle sauce burns with the intensity of a thousand white suns (I’m sure Shakespeare would have felt that way too after trying the frickles with that amazing-bomb-dot-com sauce).Anyway, hope you have fabulous Monday and week! Thank you so much again. It was the best birthday I’ve had ever.

Best Regards,
Shamaila Iqebal
Part-Time Party Girl
Full-Time Regreter

PS: I got a picture with a free mason person and it’s probably the greatest photo in the world. All thanks to your restaurant!

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